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Verijet Makes Commitment to Sustainable Solutions for the Planet and Aviation

Recently, VERIJET signed on with 4AIR to purchase carbon offset credits to cover the remaining balance of fleet operations emissions. VERIJET is participating in a comprehensive and structured program. Our goal is to become an industry leader and reach a level of “climate champion” in the future. Effective immediately, Verijet will purchase offset carbon credits and become “Level One Carbon Neutral”. This means that VERIJET will be offsetting 100% of the remaining fleet carbon dioxide emissions going forward. VERIJET’s private jet clients can also participate individually by buying higher levels of sustainability for individual flights. VERIJET will release more information about a new, easy, and convenient program shortly.

Verijet and 4AIR meet at NBAA-BACE October 13, 2021. From right to left is Richard Kane, Founder and CEO of Verijet, Allison Kane, VP of PR and Marketing of Verijet, and Kennedy Ricci, President of 4AIR.

VERIJET will also be working with 4AIR to purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) when it becomes more widely available at airports across the county. SAF is a fuel produced from sustainable feedstocks but is similar in energy density to fossil fuels. Unlike fossil fuel production, SAF production is far less environmentally impactful. Feedstocks can include agricultural and forestry waste and various waste streams from homes and businesses. Other sources may include biofuel and fuel produced by novel carbon capture technologies. SAF can provide an impressive 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared with fossil fuels.

Where do you want to VJET today? You too can participate in the exciting fourth wave of transportation using advanced air mobility and help to safeguard the planet for generations to come.