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Traveling in Style and Comfort

How Verijet Makes Flying Enjoyable Again

Convenience is about making it easy for our guests to find local airports. We help locate airports closer to you and your destination. Provide street addresses, and Verijet will find the nearest airport. Using more local airports means substantial time savings for you. It also means a lot less stress. You get to to the airport and then destination much easier and faster. What could be better than that? I know some of you will say – teleportation. Sorry, not available today and probably not for the foreseeable future.

Have you traveled commercially lately? If so, how was the experience? As a former road warrior, I suspect your experience may not have been too pleasant and possibly even assaulted your dignity somehow. Today flyers put up with undignified practices and impositions like horrendous lines, TSA inquisitions, lots of walking in big crowded, complex airports, and other unpleasantness. Fellow passengers can be rude or even violent, and commercial airline personnel can be surly and uncaring. There is no joy in commercial flying anymore.

That's where Verijet comes in. We are committed to restoring the dignity and joy of flying to our guests. Verijet pilots and support staff are happy and helpful. Everyone is trained in customer service and support. The Verijet team will bend over backward to ensure our guests have a great flying experience. It's a commitment from us to you. All our guests are treated equally to all the luxury, convenience, and comfort we can deliver.

Verijet's fleet is exclusively all-new SF50 G2 Vision Jets manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft. This Vision Jet was the winner of the Collier Trophy for 2017. The jet contains advanced innovations not found in other aircrafts. Safety is a core design element. The airframe, engine, avionics, automation, and artificial intelligence are all integrated to make the Vision Jet one of the safest aircraft in the air today.

ARGUS Gold RatedVerijet is Gold rated by ARGUS. All our pilots are ATP licensed with thousands of hours of experience – we pay premium salaries for these folks. All our pilots must be type rated for SF50 Vision Jet operation, and we bear the cost. Our pilots receive internal Verijet safety and customer service training. We are currently working with Wyvern and the FAA to ensure our operations and protocols are the safest in the industry.

The SF50 Vision Jet was designed with luxury and comfort as a priority. The carbon fiber fuselage affords a cabin that is spacious with unexpected head and shoulder room. It is also filled with light from the panoramic windows. Cabin air is constantly refreshed, filtered, and moderated by a climate control system. The interior upholstery and seating are handcrafted, plush leather perfection.

Today, Verijet offers the SF50 Vision Jet for missions of up to 700 miles distance. Perfect for regional point-to-point travel. According to the FAA, 54% of flights in the US are short-haul. According to Statista, the average regional passenger trip was between 450 and 495 miles over the past decade. The problem is that those regional trips sometimes took all day to complete using commercial airlines with routing through hub airports. Worse, those trips could cost between $300 and $900 for economy service plus extra for baggage. Add in time spent for ground travel, layovers at hub terminals, and hotel stays; the total trip cost significantly increases. Instead of spending your precious time flying out and back over a couple of days, you can fly out and back in just a few hours. No hotel necessary. No wasted time in traffic, parking expense, shuttles, or other ground expenses. You get back your precious time.

Now that you know the facts, how do you wish to fly to your next destination? To experience the joy and dignity of air travel again, we encourage you to call Verijet at 833-Verijet.