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A Leader in Sustainable Aviation Today

Reducing the carbon and noise pollution of private air travel has always been a key part of Verijet’s mission. Despite still being a young startup, we’re ahead of the curve in creating sustainable operations.

Fuel Efficient Jets

The Cirrus Vision Jet is the most fuel-efficient in its class, using just 1/4 the fuel of other light jets.

Sustainable Fuels

Our jets are capable of using sustainable aviation fuels, which significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Lower Emissions

We lower emissions by optimizing flight routes and flying to/from regional airports to reduce ground and air travel distances.

Reduced Noise

The Cirrus Vision Jet is the quietest jet today, and the reason Verijet’s call sign is “Whisper Jet.”

Working Toward a More Sustainable Future

We’re committed to furthering our sustainability efforts and preserving the earth for future generations.

Short-Term Goal Increase use of SAFs

As the availability of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) increases, we plan to replace current jet fuel with SAFs as quickly as possible.

  • Use of biofuels can reduce carbon emissions by over 80%

Medium-Term Goal Expand Regional Travel

We are growing regional travel today, making guilt-free, carbon neutral, private air travel available to more people in more places. You don’t have to stop flying to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Flying 1 mile less reduces CO₂ emissions by 40-50 pounds.
  • We estimate that shorter taxi distances, little to no ground holds, and shorter to no landing delays at regional and local airports reduces CO₂ emissions by 10-15%.

Long-Term Goal Reach Total Net Zero

We’ve already achieved carbon-neutral status, but we’re not stopping there. By 2050, we aim to reach total net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions.

  • CO₂ only accounts for 1/3 the impact from flying.

Long-Term Goal Achieve Climate Champion Status

4Air Climate Champion badge

We plan to reach climate champion status status by continuing to invest in technology and operational efficiency improvements. We will continue to take a leadership role in related environmental, social, and economic initiatives that provide equity for the planet and for humanity.

Our Mission

  • To be the safest, most efficient airline on and for the planet.
  • To triple the speed and efficiency of short-haul travel.
  • To operate the safest fleet in existence.
  • To right-size private flying.
  • To radically reduce the carbon and noise pollution of private travel.
  • To reestablish the dignity, joy, and pleasure of air travel.