Plan Your Flight

Verijet offers all-inclusive, point-to-point pricing for one way or round trip.

There are two ways:

  • Request a quote or chat online with Customer Support on our website.
  • Call our friendly agents in Customer Support directly at 833-VERIJET (833-837-4538)
  • Ultra-convenient. Ability to fly in and out of smaller airports closer to you mean less hassle getting in and out of airports and no crowds.
  • Faster overall travel time. Trips that may have required a day of travel out, an overnight stay, and a day of travel back, can now be completed in a single day! Leave in the morning and get back in time for dinner with the family! Travel at 250 mph average instead of 75 mph or less.
  • No crowds mean less exposure during viral outbreaks. Superior cleaning and disinfection routines between every flight ensures low exposure.
  • Fly on your schedule – on demand! We don’t have fixed, inconvenient schedules!
  • A spacious cabin with unexpected head and shoulder room.
    • Luxurious comfortable seating and lots of spacing. No fighting for an armrest or elbows in the side!
    • Panoramic windows for a breath-taking flying experience.
    • Entertainment system and center console for a modern workspace. But, why watch a video or work when the trip is short and the views are spectacular?


There are three main reasons:

  1. Our pilots are all highly experienced FAA certified jet pilots. Most have an FAA Air Transport Pilot license.
  2. Our pilots receive intensive training for the Vision Jet SF50 and get type certified for the aircraft before they can fly for Verijet.
  3. The Vision Jet is one of the most advanced and safest jets in the industry due to the following features:
    • Manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft – winner of Collier Trophy and Flying Innovation Award.
    • Award winning Garmin Safe Return™ Emergency Autoland can land the aircraft if a pilot becomes incapacitated.
    • Highly advanced avionics system that helps produce one of the safest and smoothest rides you can get in a small jet aircraft.
    • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)® provides the ultimate level of safety and assurance to ensure a soft landing even if the aircraft should become disabled in flight.


Currently, we operate in the Southeastern, Northeastern, and Western regions of the United States.

Yes, we can operate in or out of almost any airport that has paved runways. Vision Jets can operate in or out of more airports than larger private jets.


Only one! We are FAA approved to fly with a single pilot thanks to the advanced safety features of our aircraft like Garmin Autoland and automation that reduces a pilot’s workload.

We can, based on availability. An additional pilot is $875 per leg. But not really needed. Verijet is approved by the FAA to fly with a single pilot. Advanced avionics and safety features make this possible and ultimately safe.

Vision Jet

The Cirrus Vision Jet seats up to 4 adults and 2 children weighing up to 90lbs each.


Yes, if it is foldable or fits in the cabin.

Not at this time.

A Vision Jet can carry 4-5 carry-on size (22”, 24”) bags. We recommend soft sided bags. See our full luggage policy for more details.


Yes, all well-behaved small pets are welcomed. Pets should be leashed, harnessed, or in a pet carrier.

No, they do not. However, they must be on a leash or in harness and well-behaved. If you have any doubts, we suggest the use of a kennel that you can take onboard.

  • All well-behaved and trained pets are welcome. We do require all dogs to be harnessed and untrained dogs, cats, or exotic animals to be transported in a carrier.
  • All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated, with vet records.
  • No service or emotional support certificates are required, but Verijet must comply with FAA regulations and is responsible for flight safety and unable to transport animals that may violate health requirements.
  • Verijet cannot accept animals on board that are too large or heavy to be accommodated in the cabin or may affect flight safety.
  • The Verijet pilot in command (PIC) is the final and sole authority.
  • We recommend you speak with your reservations or customer support agent and provide pictures, weights, and other attributes prior to booking your flight if you have any questions.
  • Post-travel sanitizing fees may apply in case of accidents or excessive  shedding.  We recommend the animals are groomed before their trip.