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Verijet DNA: The Origin Story

Richard & Allison Kane, along with the collaboration of other notable visionaries, founded and launched a new personal aviation mobility company that focuses on providing private jet transport to more people in more places and with:

  • Superior efficiency and economics.
  • Superior carbon and noise reduction.
  • Superior ease of use and convenience for travelers.
  • Superior speeds and more direct point-to-point travel.

All powered by innovative technology to make it all easier for YOU!


So, how did Verijet come to be?

  • Motivated by NASA's mission to develop and enhance general aviation and air travel beginning in the 1960s and continuing today.
  • An enthusiast's love of aviation and extraordinary advances as a private pilot and experiences with different aircraft. Richard has collaborated with NASA, Cirrus Aircraft, Garmin, and other industry leaders to develop the fourth wave of air mobility.
  • Result of design and manufacturing innovation in airframes (Cirrus Aircraft), flight systems (Garmin), and propulsion (Williams International), starting in the 1980s and continuing today. All are considered industry leaders today and are expected to remain leaders in the future. In fact, Cirrus Aircraft and Garmin were recipients of the Collier Trophy award for the most outstanding achievement in aeronautics and astronautics in America in 2017 and 2020, respectively. Garmin is again earning the 2021 Collier award because of its unique, safe return system, which is available in every Verijet aircraft.
  • Supported by high-volume, high-velocity call processing and routing optimization software developed for the telecom industry during the 1980s and 1990s and adapted for aviation. (See
  • Supported by the development of artificial intelligence platforms that process transactions and optimize solutions for various business and technical applications during the 2000s and 2010s. These platforms have been serving aviation industry needs for over 10 years now. (See And Verijet continues to push the boundaries. By the way, Richard Kane is recognized as a leading innovator and developer of AI systems.
  • The Kane's presented their business plan to a select group of like-minded folks on March 21, 2019. Cirrus Aircraft rendered their support by providing them with one of their trainer jets and pilots for demo flights. The excitement was instantaneous!
  • They continued to develop the project now with the collaboration of futurists' minds and financial backers that advised Verijet from conception through launch. Ultimately, several of these folks invested in Verijet and are valued Verijet board members and team members today.
  • Verijet was officially born in December 2019 when it registered with the SEC and initiated funding rounds. The investment was brisk!
  • During 2020, the company focused on finding the right people with the passion and skills necessary to support the mission. These folks developed the business plan, operations plan, the company brand identity, and all the associated Part 135 processes required for FAA certification.
  • Verijet took delivery of its first branded jet on September 08, 2020.
  • Verijet received certification as a Part 135 operator in October 2020. The Verijet team did this in record time and was commended by the FAA for their excellence!
  • A soft launch of the Southeastern US service area and the maiden flight occurred on November 02, 2020.
  • Verijet is actively providing private jet travel to customers located in the Southeastern US and the Western US. Hundreds of new private jet travelers have already experienced the fourth wave of air travel. Verijet has already completed over 1,200 flight missions successfully and 100% safely utilizing a fleet of brand-new SF 50 Vision Jets by Cirrus Aircraft.
  • On the first anniversary of their FAA certification, Verijet received the Argus Gold certification for excellent service.

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