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Verijet In California!

Verijet, the newest and most advanced aviation company in the country today is now offering private air charter and air taxi service in the California region. Starting July 26, Verijet will offer California flyers flights to any points within 700 miles of Santa Maria, CA (KSMX). This service footprint covers all of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah and parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. No membership is required. Just call 833-VERIJET to book a flight. You can get round trips or one-way trips to virtually anywhere in the service area with no repositioning charges like other air charters charge.

Californians should be particularly pleased!  A Verijet flight will allow you to avoid long drives on congested roadways and save hours and hours of your precious time. Live in LA and have clients in San Francisco or Sacramento? Or vice versa? Why drive all day in traffic or waste time getting to and from and inside large congested commercial airports? Now you can go out and return in one day in a private jet that can get in and out of smaller airports closer to you and your real destinations. Best of all, you get to do that on your schedule and at your convenience! You get to fly privately in a jet that is environmentally friendly—best by far, roomy, comfortable, and with great external views thru oversized windows-not puny portholes. Really now: “It’s about time!”


Service was introduced initially in a planned event held in Hawthorne, CA on July 23rd. Static display of three of Verijet new Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 jets were available as well as pre-arranged demo flights for select invited attendees and press. During the rest of the weekend Verijet will be flying to NAPA valley, San Francisco, and Las Vegas for more pre-arranged demo flights and press conferences.

So, catch the wave! We invite you to VJET to your next business meeting or new adventure. Where do you want to VJET?