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Verijet is ONE year old

Today we celebrate VERIJET’s first year of operations; a fabulous story. VERIJET received its Air Carrier Certificate from the FAA, on October 19, 2020. Just twelve months later and we are able to claim many significant achievements. We plan to share the full story in the following days and weeks. But let's start with our proudest achievements, we, at VERIJET completed over 1,200 flight missions, in 100% complete safety, and with near-perfect customer satisfaction, and were awarded our Argus Gold certification.

All the milestones we achieved wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our investors, our partners like Cirrus Aircraft, an unusually focused “can-do”, “whatever-it-takes” team of professionals, the confidence of so many charter brokers, and the confidence of many individual clients. Thank you all! We are very grateful for your support and assistance during this past year. We plan to share more stories about our collaboration in the coming days and weeks.

We at VERIJET are excited to continue this journey with you all. We remain committed to our core principles and mission:

  • To be the safest, most efficient airline on and for the planet

  • To triple the speed and efficiency of short-haul air travel

  • To operate the safest fleet in existence

  • To right-size private flying

  • To radically reduce the carbon and noise pollution of private air travel

In the meantime, we urge you all to stay tuned. We will be offering various giveaways and special contests over the next few weeks to celebrate our first year of success! Here’s looking forward to the next year.