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Tuscaloosa and Verijet Working Together to Expand Air Service

Verijet plans to help Tuscaloosa airport become a more attractive and cost-efficient alternative for consumers and become a valuable partner in the community. Verijet is so different it is revolutionary! Verijet is the first company to launch the 4th wave of personal air travel that is safe, direct, fast, totally flexible, and truly “on-demand”. More importantly, Verijet can offer direct, on-demand flights from Tuscaloosa to many local airports within a 700-mile region. A virtual “Uber” for air travelers. All driven by industry leading AI technology and safest small jets in the air today produced by Cirrus Aircraft. For air travelers this means significantly less time spent on the ground and in the air. And with significantly improved flight safety and personal safety in today’s era of pandemics!

Tom and Carol Patterson with their friend Janie Clark

Two Verijet aircraft arrived in Tuscaloosa on October 30, 2020. One jet was carrying Tom and Carol Patterson traveling back home from Pensacola, FL. Verijet then hosted a get together that included many representatives with their guests from: the city, the airport authority, the university and local colleges, and the local Chamber of Commerce. Walter Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa, and Jim Page, the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama explained initiatives to improve the airport and attract more air service to satisfy regional demands. Verijet CEO Richard Kane and COO Stephen Wagman provided an overview of the Verijet vision – the democratization of private air travel – private jet flights made available to more people at economic price points.

Walter Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa

After the formal presentations, Verijet personnel gave brief ground tours of the two Verijet aircraft. Many folks were frankly surprised to find a spacious and comfortable cabin in a small jet. Many remarked about how much legroom is available and praised the comfortable layout and seating. Verijet pilots gave introductory brief site-seeing flights to several folks. The typical comments were: WOW! Fantastic! Quiet! Smooth! Comfortable! I felt safe! This is an amazing airplane and a fantastic concept.

Verijet will be working hard to become a trusted partner in the community. We invite consumers and charter brokers to consider Verijet for their private flying needs in the future. 

Dr. Stuart R. Bell president of The University of Alabama, Mr. Alex Smith former president of the University of Alabama alumni association, Richard Kane, Verijet CEO