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Private Jet Company Opens Service To California

Company Orders Additional Jets as Demand Continues Rising

Verijet, a private jet company and AI-Powered Air Taxi Service, announced today it is expanding to California, bringing convenience to an entirely new region of customers. Verijet powers travelers to fly whenever they choose, depart from airports closest to their home or office, and arrive closer to their final destination, reducing travel time and the carbon footprint while flying safely.

Unlike other private jet operators today, Verijet utilizes 5,400+ smaller airports across the US, avoiding wait times by bypassing congested airports. Using the Verijet booking service, powered by industry-leading AI software, passengers input their origin and destination address, and Verijet selects the most convenient local airports. Striving to lessen our carbon footprint, Verijet saves over 1 ton of CO2 per hour of operation, compared to other light jets. In addition, the SF50 Vision Jet features reduced noise levels for quiet operation at local airports, complying with local area noise reduction ordinances.

The Vision Jet is fully automated and FAA certified for one pilot. This state-of-the-art plane sports innovative safety measures, including an emergency auto-return feature powered by Garmin. If a pilot becomes disabled, passengers press a button, and the jet will land on its own while alerting authorities to the emergency. The hyper-efficient FJ33 engine reduces carbon footprint while the onboard AI allows for single-pilot operations, allowing game-changing pricing.

Chairman and CEO Richard Kane, himself a pilot, has logged thousands of flight hours and has set seven aviation records. Richard is a board member of the Lindbergh Foundation and a supporter of X Prize, both organizations driving sustainable aviation. “We’ve seen tremendous adoption of our service with 35% repeat customers, and we expect to see the same in the LA market,” Kane said. “With our tech-first approach, safety has always been and will remain our highest No. 1 priority as we scale. We then focus on experience with amazing pilots delivering service for passengers on their schedules to their best destinations."

Verijet will stage a launch event at Hawthorne with demo flights at Santa Monica, San Francisco, Napa, and Las Vegas. All jets are UVC sterilized between flights, while medical-grade FDA-approved air sanitizers scrub the air in flight to ensure the safest environment for all passengers. They can seat up to 4 adults and two children under 90 lb. plus pets (well-behaved pets can be on a leash, cats need to be in a pet carrier).