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Personal Air Mobility Revolution Arrives in Pensacola, FL

County Commissioner Gene Valentino, Richard Kane, Erik Lindbergh, Ben Kowalski

Pensacola airport (PNS) is located 3 miles from Pensacola City. It is like many small city airports across the US. It is close, easy to get into and out of, and it is not overcrowded. However, it does lack certain factors important to air travelers today. There is limited scheduled airline service – not very convenient! It is underserved and underutilized. There are limited direct flights to other cities in the region. And, if you do get an opportunity to book a commercial airline flight, you will mostly likely fly to a hub airport on the carrier’s network. There, you will most likely have to catch a connecting flight, possibly in a different terminal – adding to anxiety and stress. And more times than not, you will endure a layover – wasted time on the ground!


Verijet intends to help Pensacola airport be a more attractive and cost-efficient alternative for consumers and become a valuable partner in the community. Verijet is so different it is revolutionary! Verijet is the first company to launch the 4th wave of personal air travel that is: safe, direct, fast, totally flexible, environmentally friendly, and truly “on-demand”.

Verijet arrived at Pensacola in great style and much fanfare on October 5, 2020. A flyover was executed by two advanced and gorgeous jets! The latest, most innovative, private jet aircraft from Cirrus Aviation--the SF50 Vision Jet. These are the safest aircraft in the sky today!

The crowd cheered and clapped but were a little puzzled. Many folks asked: “Where is the noise?” The explanation is that the SF50 Vision Jet was designed with safety and environmental concerns in mind – including noise reduction inside and out! Verijet selected the SF50 Vision Jet for these very reasons as well as the reputation and experience of Cirrus Aviation, the aircraft manufacturer.

County Commissioner Gene Valentino

After the flyover, the crowd was invited inside the airport building for formal presentations. Aviation visionaries Erik Lindberg and Gene Valentino gave introductory remarks . Gene spoke about the significance of Verijet coming to Pensacola. He also noted that Pensacola is the birthplace of naval aviation. Erik spoke about the importance of reducing the carbon footprint caused by aviation and how Verijet is a champion of preserving our environment using exclusive AI powered routing technology and the most fuel-efficient jets in the sky. He also spoke about his company VERDEGO AERO and the development of propulsion options for next generation aircraft. Eric then pinned Richard Kane with a Lindbergh foundation 100th Anniversary of Flight medallion awarded to Lindbergh foundation board members.

Erik Lindbergh giving Richard Kane a Lindbergh Foundation 100th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's flight medal

Verijet CEO Richard Kane and COO Stephen Wagman gave a few remarks and thanked the Mayor Grover C. Robinson, IV and Commissioner Gene Valentino for inviting Verijet to Pensacola. There were some remarks by Cirrus Aviation about the industry leading safety features of the aircraft that feature Safe Return™ Autoland and CAPS©. Finally, the Mayor presented Verijet with a proclamation of welcome to Verijet. A proclamation which we hold dear and intend to honor.


After the formal presentations, Verijet personnel gave brief ground tours of the two Verijet aircraft. Many folks were frankly surprised to find a spacious and comfortable cabin in a small jet. Many remarked about how much legroom is available and praised the comfortable layout and seating. Verijet pilots gave introductory brief site-seeing flights to several folks. The typical comments were: WOW! Fantastic! Quiet! Smooth! Comfortable! I felt safe! This is an amazing airplane and a fantastic concept!

We hope the Pensacola community will come to value Verijet a trusted partner in the community. We invite consumers and charter brokers to consider Verijet for their private flying needs in the future. On the Verijet website, you can learn more, find or book flights, download the smartphone app, join our growing community, get our newsletter, or learn how to contact live humans.