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FlyFlorida and Verijet Announce Strategic Alliance

FlyFlorida, a private air charter broker in Florida, and Verijet, a technology, and AI-driven air carrier, also in Florida, announced a new alliance. The companies have been working together for almost a year now and decided to solidify the relationship.

FlyFlorida can now access a fleet of the most advanced, safest, and very light jets, (right-sized jets), at the lowest operating cost in the industry. Verijet provides an easy and convenient method for FlyFlorida to request and book flights via Application Programming Interface (API) directly into Verijet’s quoting and booking system. FlyFlorida can enjoy the competitive advantage of real-time quoting and reservations as well as exclusive pricing from Verijet. They are happy to work with a partner with a broad customer base, charter expertise, and can help to keep Verijet jets booked and flying constantly. Verijet currently works with a broad network of air charter brokers across the US. This alliance is a superb example of how a collaborative ecosystem can be mutually beneficial and allow participating partners to expand and reach new heights in client service and attract many more new clients to private aviation.


About FlyFlorida

  • FlyFlorida has quickly become the #1 originator of turboprop and very light jets for private flights to and from Florida.
  • FlyFlorida focuses on serving clients in Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota, and Ft. Lauderdale. FlyFlorida also provides national and international private flights to clients. FlyFlorida flies to over 20,000 destinations worldwide.
  • FlyFlorida is a private charter provider. FlyFlorida arranges flights for clients from a vast network of select, direct, FAA-certified operating air carriers across the US. These carriers are hand-picked and comply with strict safety standards.
  • PrivateFly provides clients with cost-effective, convenient private air travel for business and pleasure. FlyFlorida is proud to offer a professional and personalized private flight service at the right time, to and from the right places, and at the right prices.

About Verijet

  • Verijet is an FAA Part 135 direct, on-demand air carrier with a floating fleet of new Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet aircraft serving the Southeast and West regions of the US currently. Verijet will soon be serving the Bahamas as well.
  • Verijet is a direct operator air carrier. Verijet owns and/or leases a fleet of very light jets in great demand.  Verijet hires only highly experienced Air Transport Pilot (ATP) rated jet pilots. Verijet puts its pilots thru type rating with  Cirrus and its own safety training.
  • Verijet’s primary mission is to fill the flight requirements of charter partners. Verijet’s CEO and board encourage and promote a collaborative eco-system of aviation companies that can provide the best service for experienced and new clients to private aviation.
  • Verijet is an aviation company with deep roots in technology, a highly experienced aviation management team and ATP pilots, and a board of directors composed of recognized future visionaries. Verijet is the culmination of a decade’s long journey to increase effective speed door-to-door, reduce carbon and noise footprints, and open private aviation to more people with perfect safety – unlocking the fourth wave of high-speed travel.

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