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Do You Know What’s Amazing?

One fine human lady and a Golden Retriever puppy were transported by Verijet for a noble purpose. They had an “amazing” experience. This is a real feel-good, positive story that will put a smile on your face and make your heart swell with joy. So, read on and be patient!

Diane Keaton recently lost her beloved companion, a Golden Retriever named Emmy. Emmy and Diane had been together for 17 years. Diane was devastated by the loss. But she was determined to move on and find another female Golden Retriever companion.


It just so happens that Diane’s assistant knew a friend in Florida, who knew a friend in Florida that raised Golden Retriever service dogs. Connections were quickly arranged and in no time, Diane had the opportunity to adopt an 18-month-old “career changing” Golden Retriever named Regatta. You see, Regatta did not quite meet all the stringent standards that New Horizons Service Dogs set for their dogs before they are given to disabled veterans and autistic children. So, Regatta was afforded the opportunity to change careers to become a loving and very well-trained companion and family member.

Transport was quickly arranged. Richard Kane, CEO of Verijet, volunteered to transport Regatta along with her chaperone, Chairwoman of New Horizons Service Dogs, Kathy Miner. Kathy and Regatta boarded their private jet in Vero Beach, Florida and were flown in great style and comfort to meet Diane.


The flight landed and Kathy and Regatta deplaned to find Diane waiting outside the FBO building. Diane called out to Regatta. Regatta ran into Diane’s arms. Diane and Regatta got down on the ground and socialized for quite some time. It was clearly obvious that Diane and Regatta would we be loving companions for life! After some sniffles and tears by all, they retired to the FBO lounge to complete formalities. The end of this story is really the prelude to a much longer happy story, I’m sure! Today Regatta, now known as Reggie, lives a wonderful life with Diane in their beautiful home in California.

Some weeks later, I got to chat with Kathy Miner about her whole experience with Verijet. Kathy kept using the word “amazing” throughout her description. She exclaimed with some remorse that she couldn’t find a better word or words to describe the experience. But frankly, I thought she did just amazingly fine! So here are few of her comments:

  • Amazing service!
  • Amazing people! Amazing pilot!
  • Amazing jet! Beautiful, sleek, hi-tech!
  • An amazing experience! I’ll do it again without hesitation! Hope I get the opportunity!
  • Amazingly smooth ride! Better than a luxury ground vehicle!
  • Amazingly safe feeling! I never felt so safe in a small aircraft. The pilot and the safety features of the aircraft gave me a great feeling of confidence and security.


And what did Regatta think? After being helped aboard, she did a little investigation and sniffing. Lots of tail wagging. Lots of kisses. Then she climbed into Kathy’s lap, ignored the humans and promptly went for a nap! She did enjoy some views from the cabin windows from time to time. But mostly she found the experience was conducive to curling up and napping. She obviously felt amazingly comfortable and safe.