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Catching Your Flight with Verijet is Veri-Easy!

Catching your flight at a major commercial airport is truly one of life’s biggest contributors to undue anxiety.  Here are some tips to help you decrease the anxiety.

Commercial Public Flight

Verijet Private Flight

Find an airline that will get you somewhere near your destination and depart from the nearest commercial airport. For most folks, this will be a one- or two-hour drive away in both directions.

Verijet departs small airports closer to your home or office. Verijet arrives at airports closer to your destination. You are in control! Little ground travel required.

Book well in advance to get the best price. Booking weeks or months usually works, but not always.

Verijet will let you book within two hours of desired departure time if aircraft are available. The price doesn’t change.

Book well in advance to ensure you get desired seating or seating together with your travel party.

You booked the aircraft! Seating arrangements are up to you and your party. Just don’t fight about it – it’s not very dignified. Seating is spacious. The cabin is spacious. There are large windows for external views – not puny portholes.

Pack the night before.

What packing? Leave and return in one day. How much stuff do you need for a day trip?

Get up early to beat the ground traffic into the city or airport.

Snooze. Your flight leaves when you want it to! More importantly, it leaves from an airport close to you.

Use off-airport parking to avoid driving around looking for a parking spot. Or worse, walk a half-mile to a shuttle pickup point.

Pull up and park directly outside the terminal building.

Get TSA PreCheck to go thru shorter security lines. But remember, you must go for a personal interview and get a background check. It takes time. Get this done well before you book a flight.

Walk in, show your ID, get security scanned, and walk out to your aircraft. All of five minutes. Easy peasy!

Become a frequent flyer. This gets you extra perks. If you can actually use them. Any idea what it takes to earn elite status and enjoy the perks?

You are always “elite” status with Verijet. One or many trips - it doesn’t matter. Elite always!

Sign up for CLEAR, the biometric technology that negates the need for traditional IDs. (Not available everywhere) Skip to head of PreCheck lines.

Verijet partners with KNWN for onboarding passengers. Easy, quick, safe, and Veri-convenient.

Download MiFlight so you can determine how long the lines are and which security checkpoint will get you to the gate faster.

No need. Walk into the terminal building, go thru security – no lines, no waiting. Then walk directly out to your aircraft.

Use mobile and curbside check-in to reduce the hassle of checking baggage. If you use curb-side check-in, don’t forget to tip the baggage handler.

What baggage? Leave and return the same day. But if you do have baggage, it goes with you into the aircraft parked right outside the door of the terminal. Help is always available, and no tipping is required.

Avoid peak travel days and hours to avoid lines and delays.

No problem! The aircraft and crew are waiting for you! You are in complete control any day of the week and any hour of the day.

Know the baggage rules. TSA and the airlines have a lot of rules about what’s in your luggage and carry-ons.

Not as stringent. Besides, you don’t need to bring much with you when you can leave and return in one day.

Pick the right size and type of suitcase. Unzipping. Pulling stuff out. Putting stuff back in. Zipping back up. What a hassle!

No worries. We even accommodate your golf clubs, or your skis. But there are limits so do ask about unusual items. We will always try to accommodate them with a little notice.

Don’t bring your pets! If you do, they fly separately in cargo. All kinds of special requirements to deal with like shots and health certificates. Make sure all the paperwork is correct! Hopefully your pet ends up where you do, at the same time, and in good shape.

Pets are welcome! If they are well behaved, they can sit with you. If less well behaved, you will take them in a kennel onboard with you. No separation anxiety fears for you or your pet. There are limits - you can’t bring your pet elephant.

Wear appropriate clothing. Find something comfortable and appropriate that works for you. Remember to dress for security lines, tight seats, and tight spaces.

No worries. You don’t need to drag business attire along in a separate bag. Spacious cabin. Spacious seats. Short, direct flight. Not enough time to get uncomfortable in your business attire. And you will be back home tonight and back into your sweats.

The pandemic is still with us. Bring a mask. Commercial airline passengers are still required to wear masks on board. Don’t fight this or you’ll get arrested!

No masks required unless you want them. Verijet aircraft cabins are completely sanitized between flights. On-board air is exchanged with fresh air and filtered by better than a medical grade filtration system. Our pilots are tested regularly.

The evidence is clear. A private flight with Verijet is so much easier, convenient, and pleasant. Where do you want to Vjet today? To get a quote, call us at 833-VERIJET.