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How Can the Aviation Industry Decarbonize?

Forever Flight Alliance Launched to Find and Support Solutions

Forever Flight Alliance Launched to Find and Support Solutions

Air transportation is reaching a critical cusp in the 21st century.  Although air transportation is an essential foundational element of modern society, carbon emissions must be curbed drastically to meet global goals to reduce humankind’s negative impact on planetary systems and preserve the earth for future generations.  The Forever Flight Alliance (FFA) was formed and launched recently to help achieve zero emissions in the future.  FFA will bring together industry, government, private, and academic institutions in aerospace and non-aerospace communities to find and advance solutions and new technologies to meet critical global environmental goals and maintain air transport in the future.

The Forever Alliance is supported by:

Together, these four organizations proudly introduced FFA at the Business Aviation Sustainability Summit during the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 23, 2022.

The Forever Flight Alliance will be focused on three key objectives:

  • Establishing a vibrant global alliance of innovators, solution-seekers, and thought leaders
  • Discovering, planning, and supporting the transition towards net-zero emissions aviation
  • Create incentive prizes to motivate and accelerate necessary step changes to achieve the goal of net-zero emissions

Mr. Richard Kane, Founder, and CEO of Verijet, was on-hand to help kick off this critical alliance.  Mr. Kane is a board member of The Lindbergh Foundation and helped develop the FFA concept.  According to Mr. Kane:  “The Verijet family is pleased to be part of the overall transitional efforts needed.  Verijet is well-situated to take a leadership role.  Verijet is already one of the safest, most efficient, and 100% carbon-neutral jet charter operators in the U.S. today.”

Forever Flight Alliance