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Verijet Hits Milestones Ahead of Schedule

Verijet, the leader of the 4th revolution in travel, offers passengers true jet speed for short haul trips up to 1,000 miles. The company and a superb team is moving at jet speed as well!

Richard Kane, CEO, got to present some fantastic news to the board of directors recently as of April 30,2021. In summary, Verijet outperformed in all categories for a new startup Part 135 airline. Here are the highlights from a financial perspective.

  • Invoiced over 400 flights and $1.5M since inception just 6 months ago.
  • Breaking news: Verijet booked over 500 flights and $2M in revenue on May 25, 2021. An exceptional achievement in just under seven months.
  • Revenue flights booked and invoiced have been growing by 50% or more every month.
  • The growth curve is looking ‘exponential’ right now! That’s good because we are an “exponential” company.
  • See Creating an Exponential Airline + Verijet CEO, Richard Kane video presented by and hosted by Peter Diamandis on YouTube.
  • Over 35% of the trips booked represented repeat passengers. This trend continues to climb.
  • Demand keeps growing and we are challenged with keeping up on the supply side with aircraft and pilots. A wonderfully good challenge indeed! A new batch of aircraft and a new batch of pilots will arrive soon.
  • Verijet reached 140% of funding targets for a Series A offering. This means more investors wanted a piece of the action than we could accommodate. But don’t worry. Another funding round is in the works and you may still be able to catch the wave.


Verijet hasn’t been a slouch in other aspects of the business either. Major accomplishments to date:

  • Progressive aircraft maintenance program is well established and maturing. More progressive maintenance means more aircraft availability, more customers served, more revenue more quickly, and more fleet expansion.
  • Verijet recently completed the Bahamas certification process. We expect to receive an operating certificate very soon. Bahamian destinations are one of the most requested destinations from the Southeast US.
  • Substantially reorganized and optimized an internal sales team under the leadership of Jason Bercan. The sole mission of the team is to put “butts in seats” and make sure they return. Again and again and again!
  • Our Service Operations Center has been reorganized, optimized, and expanded. Their sole mission is delighting our customers, scheduling aircraft and pilots, and logistics. They are doing a great job given the many positive comments we get and the increasing number of returning customers, and sharp increases in bookings.
  • We signed a public relations firm and a website SEO and marketing firm to help Verijet become recognized and appreciated as a top brand for private travel needs. We’ve already seen excellent press coverage with media channels like Forbes and Business Insider along with corresponding surges in flight requests. Our website traffic is up substantially. We’re starting to make inroads with social media influencers.