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Traveler Safety: A Verijet Imperative

Your safety is our imperative! Everything we do is focused on ensuring you get a safe and enjoyable private jet flying experience.

Verijet exceeds all CDC regulations and recommendations and employs multiple layers of safeguards like:

  • All pilots meet FAA strict medical requirements.
  • Ultraviolet C equipment same as used in hospital settings to ensure complete disinfection.
  • The Vision Jet is pressurized yet replenishes the cabin with fresh air every 3 minutes.
  • Verijet aircraft all have additional air purification by MoLEKULE. MoLEKULE air purifiers are FDA cleared for medical use. These air purifiers y can destroy pollutants 1000x smaller than HEPA filters and at the molecular level.
  • VeriJet exceeds cleaning and sanitation recommendations of the CDC and NBAA. We clean and disinfect the cabin before each flight. This includes the use of Ultra-violet C equipment to ensure complete disinfection.
  • Perhaps most importantly, when you fly Verijet, you reduce your possible points of contact from over 700 that can be expected at large, over-crowded, commercial hub airports to less than 20 at a private terminal used by Verijet.

Verijet practices holistic safety. Safety is integrated into the way we do business and is engrained in the company culture. We are committed to ensuring the highest degree of safety in the public interest by strict adherence to Federal Aviation Regulations and a philosophy of continuous oversight and process improvement. Risk management is integrated into all areas of operations to ensure that every flight is operated safely. The company’s founder, initial investors/board, pilots, and personnel are all highly experienced in aviation and driven by a positive safety culture. Verijet has established a Safety Review Board with over 100 collective years of experience that constantly monitor operations.

Here are some significant highlights about our fleet and pilots.

  • Verijet is a certified Part 135 Charter Operator and complies with or exceeds all FAA regulations for safe operations. Verijet's fleet is composed of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet. The Vision Jet has unparalleled safety enhancements that include:

    • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS),

    • Safe Return emergency auto-land system,

    • Modern safety systems and technology for flight control, communications, navigation, weather observation, route planning, collision avoidance, ground proximity warnings, and other safety features.

  • The Vision Jet is certified by the FAA for single pilot, Part 135 operations.

  • Verijet aircraft are maintained by FAA and Cirrus certified technicians and supported by a global network of Cirrus Aircraft Service Centers. The aircraft avionics constantly monitors and transmits performance metrics of all electrical and mechanical components and systems.

  • Verijet pilots are all seasoned jet pilots with FAA ATP ratings (Air Transport Pilot) and are type-rated to fly the Vision Jet. All pilots are trained to provide unparalleled customer service. They receive comprehensive instruction in first aid, emergency drills, and how to manage any abnormal or emergency situation.

Verijet is committed to ensuring that every mission is planned, monitored, and operated with your safety in mind. We are continuously learning and improving and intend to remain the industry leader in personal jet transport.

Now for the more exciting part! Where would you like to VJET today? Call us to book at 833-VERIJET.