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A Thanksgiving Message from Verijet to All Who Have Shared in the Journey

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Verijet Senior Management Team | Steve Wagman, Richard Kane, Allison Kane, and Steve Clements
Verijet Senior Management Team | Steve Wagman, Richard Kane, Allison Kane, and Steve Clements

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks for all our blessings and achievements. Verijet takes joy in expressing our thanks and appreciation to so many that helped us start this marvelous journey to positively change the dynamics of private air mobility.

We offer our sincerest thanks to all of those who helped Verijet launch successfully and achieve phenomenal growth in its first year of operations. Happy Thanksgiving! We hope for everyone to have a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

It is with immense pleasure that we address all those we want to express our gratitude for:

  • Thank you, charter brokers, for trusting in Verijet and letting us help you serve your clients for their short-haul needs. We look forward to a long, rewarding relationship.

  • Thank you, individual clients, for booking with Verijet. We promise to continue to give you the best experience while traveling.

  • Thank you, investors; for your vision, support, and assistance. We promise to continue to build the best private air carrier in the world for all stakeholders.

  • A special thank you to the Verijet team – our people – our family – all our pilots and supporting staff. Your infectious delight, passion, dedication, can-do attitude, and energy make Verijet possible. Verijet clients, without exception, marvel at the positive attitudes, smiling faces, and efforts that bring joy and dignity back to flying.

  • Thank you, major suppliers, Cirrus Aircraft, Williams International, and Garmin, for all the things you do to help Verijet operate at the forefront of the industry with one of the most advanced jet aircraft available today.

  • Thank you to all Verijet’s service vendors such as Signature, Atlantic, and many, many others throughout the industry.

  • Thank you to technology partners like IBM, Coastal Aviation Technologies, Schedaero, KNWN, and many others for all that you do.

  • Thank you to NASA, FAA, and many other agencies and institutions for your help and guidance in getting Verijet launched.

  • Thank you to all Verijet’s traditional and social media followers. Your interest and curiosity are so very appreciated. We look forward to continuing our story and sharing it with you.

Lastly, but by no means least, we humbly thank the Supreme Being for the many blessings of this world. Thank you for keeping all of us safe in our various endeavors. Thank you for giving us all the capacities and opportunities necessary to follow our dreams.